• The seed treatment label training module was developed by staff at the Ontario Pesticide Education Program – Ridgetown College in collaboration with CropLife Canada.

  • The information included in this training course should serve as the foundation of a continuous learning process that includes supplemental in-depth training on specific seed treatment products that are specifically used within the seed treatment operation.

  • The intent of the seed treatment label training module is to satisfy the requirements within the Accredited Seed Treatment Operation Standards for protocol D5 – Employee Label Training where other applicable provincial or industry programs deemed equivalent are not available.

  • The information provided in this training publication is for educational purposes only. For information regarding compliance with laws and regulations the applicable federal, provincial or municipal authority should be consulted.



Before you begin... read the label

  • the registration number

  • the protective clothing and equipment you need to wear

  • the first aid procedures you might need to follow in an accident

Share this information with a co-worker so that they can help if an emergency happens.


How much do you know? Before we go further, we will test your knowledge with a quick quiz.  How much do you know about a pesticide from its product label?